• When the qualities of the home need something distinctive, something more substantial than just the typical little slide-show virtual tour.

• When it's time to renew the listing agreement, and you need to beef-up the marketing impact.

• When the client is a long-standing one, who has many times used and referred your services.

• When the listing is in a community that is especially important to your own personal marketing endeavors.

• When you need a superior tool for the sake of the listing’s, competitive edge - which in turn provides you a competitive edge.


We do far more than just pictures of the room from 4 corners.  We record the character of the home, creating images that will be used to enhance the presentation of the home's essence and style.  Every luxury home has individual characteristics that define its personality and are its selling points.  Making special features of these elements in the home's custom marketing enhances its value to prospective buyers.

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Richard was the Marketing and Advertising Director for one of the leading brokerages in Denver for 11 years.  He created the firm's marketing department and guided the advertising and marketing for numerous brokers as well as the brokerage itself.  He was instrumental in the development of strategic plans and marketing tools for agent's listings, farm areas and a host of other marketing and sales endeavors.

Richard brings a keen understanding of real estate marketing to his client's objectives.  Having worked directly with many sellers over the years, he knows what they expect from their brokers, and produces marketing impact that both wows the seller AND inspires buyers.  

To accentuate particular aspects of a home we produce custom video productions that expound upon the unique features.  The production is professionally scripted, edited and produced to affordably provide our clients with the ultimate marketing presentation for their listing.

Music beds enhance the emotion, and voice overs are available to provide you the ability to verbally reach out to the audience that visits the website.

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We produce a complete, comprehensive campaign of marketing for your listings.

In-keeping with the theme and design of the custom website the brochures we build are individually designed and produced using the graphic features of the online presentation.   Segments of the verbiage that we have authored for the home are also employed.

From large multi-page wire-bound productions to 4 and 8-page pieces, as well as postcards & mailers we manage the complete production including printing.

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