The home’s estancia experience begins as you pass through South American mahogany doors imported from an Argentinian ranch built in the 1800s. Note the “Cartas” mail slot and hand-carved detail of this dense hardwood. Panels of glass behind ironwork can be opened to allow fresh air to flow inside while maintaining security. The custom iron doors that protect it were fabricated by a local artisan.

The Entry comprises a powder room, two coat closets, and the stairwell to the Mirador. At the stair landing notice the art wall. It is a secret entrance that opens only from the Master Suite. The doors from the Entry to the Main Hall can be closed for privacy to receive clients, should the Mirador be used as a professional office.

The tiled floor is Italian black marble with a European registration. This unusual treatment softens the tile edges, yet maintains a ninety-degree corner for a layup close enough to set without grout. The effect is to ground the home with a solid, castle-like floor. Set on the thirds, not the half, the tile itself offers a subtle movement, which gives a pleasant detail to the Main Entry Hallway just beyond.

The brass vent covers on the floor are hand tooled by a Colorado artist and are unique to this home. Look closely to see the holes vary in size and are polished to a bevel for a comfortable air flow.

"Incomparable and singular this extraordinary home simply MUST be seen in person.   Please enjoy my special Internet presentation, and then contact me to make arrangments for your private showing."