The home had been on the market for over nine months with 23 showings and not an inkling of interest in making an offer... not one!  I knew that when that kind of inaction is seen something was terribly wrong.  The price was not the issue; correct for the area, the asking price was clearly spot on.

As I visited the home to discuss the situation with the seller I recognized immediately that some of the decorating style was tainting the home's appeal to today's buyers.  There were high-quality draperies that while expensive, they put a drab and dull look on several rooms.  Existing paint colors in the home were also dark and I felt left buyers feeling the home was severely lacking enough appealing natural light.  Light sells; dark unsells!  And most importantly the home's landscaping was over the top.  Every space was taken with a planting of some type.  The landscaping had more of an overgrown and imposing effect on the eye as there was no lawn area for kids, including big kids in a family neighborhood.



My solution was to start over and make major changes to completely update and stage the home.  We did away with the elaborate draperies and did major painting, updating colors that are more modern.  Additionally, I advised that nearly 50% of the landscaping had to be eliminated.  Not having a yard for children was a tremendous stumbling block for the appeal of the home. It effectively eliminated 99% of the market.  And the response from the market place proved that this was NOT what today's buyers wanted.

It's all about affecting the perception of a prospective buyer!  That said, my two stagers and I proceeded to fix the problems.  We did extensive painting and removed the drapes which made a dramatic difference brightening the home significantly.  I brought in my trusted professional stagers, an effort known to increase the value of the home by as much as 10% in many cases. We did a large amount of de-cluttering and cleaning up, arranging furnishings to accentuate spaciousness.  And we did away with half of the imposing landscaping creating an oasis-like outdoor living area that was made for a broad range of activities normal for a family's lifestyle.


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Click play to see the Fly-Over Video including the sequence of the paddleboarding and yoga on the lake.

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Click the computer to launch the actual custom Internet marketing website.

We launched our fresh new marketing plan into both the MLS and with an email blast to more than 6000 Denver area Realtors and even though we quickly hit the slower Year End holidays the home sold quickly shocking the seller!

Yes the seller was happily stunned and in just a short time the closing happened and the seller quickly recommended me to a Belvedere neighbor.

I really love bringing innovation and fresh thinking to these situations; it is gratifying that after more than three decades of service the creativity now comes quickly!  

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I  knew that much sought after Belvedere and the community, in general, would come across as both exciting and also as solitude for water lovers, so a drone flyover expert was hired to get  aerial video of the nearby boat docks, and we had great fun capturing the paddle boarding races on the lake. The racers were whooping and yelling.  Fun stuff!  This piece was then incorporated into one of my signature Internet marketing websites that are unique productions designed to be exciting and always compelling to buyers!  NOTE:  I’ve never seen a home that could not be made more exciting to the buyer by adding video;  maybe a picturesque water feature, butterflies doing their thing on a garden flower, a pooch playing in a neighborhood park, or a golf cart moving  along to the next tee box.  

A creatively done video was edited by my marketing

expert to show off the home from different perspectives

as well as showing off the lifestyle with action footage.  

Buyers always love the classy 8 page high gloss marketing

brochures that we prepare on every home; this along

with a broad-range of tools to round out our marketing.  

Play the VIDEO above to see the sequence of the paddleboarding and

yoga on the lake.