From Jim Murrell you can expect to receive a comprehensive marketing campaign that is suited to the high value of your home.  An appropriate representation of a product, your home, that is worth hundreds-of-thousands or multiple-millions-of dollars.

You can expect Jim to provide an innovative approach to create and publish a marketing message with superior impact, that permeates the Internet where today’s buyers are searching for homes.

Jim formulates a strategic plan for each of his listings.  A customized plan that orchestrates an intelligent and powerful use of the Internet, email, print and personal mediums.  

He creates and produces a unique Internet marketing presentation that tells a compelling story of your home illustrating its unique value and features, while evoking positive mental, emotional, feelings in each prospective homebuyer.

Today you must tell an impacting story of your home's Values & Virtues.

If your home's marketing looks like everyone elses,  it makes it more difficult to separate it from the throng and to create a strong marketing message.

Count on Jim to put his new and innovative  techniques & strategies to work for your benefit!  

His successful and superior; creative Internet marketing presentations assure that buyers are inspired and want to see your home in person.

Don’t miss an opportunity to attract buyers because the marketing of your home blends in with that of everyone else!

One thing matters most to Jim!  

To help you MAXIMIZE THE NET PROCEEDS you receive from your home’s sale!    

He produces marketing tools that “guide” the perceptions of prospective buyers, giving them a clear understanding of the value of your residence.

Frequently buyers can become frustrated

on the Internet  because most real estate property

“VIRTUAL TOURS” look essentially the same.

Realtors, as a whole, are notorious

for flocking to the more economical


offered en masse to

their industry!

It’s not good enough to just show pictures!

You have to educate buyers and truly “market” the CHARACTER as well as the numerous features of a home.

This is one of the ways Jim heightens a buyer's understanding of the quality and value of your home.

A prime example of his signature  "appropriate marketing" that clearly separates you from the competing listings giving you a     


Likely one of the strongest benefits of Jim's

exclusive custom marketing approach is the

Online Presentation’s USAGE - AFTER THE SHOWING.

Once a buyer has seen the home in person, and their interest continues to build, prospective buyers return again and again, to review the many details found on Jim’s custom websites.  Sometimes they will spend hours on the websites.

Another substantial benefit to this is it shows a very strong signal of interest!

The advantage to you is that every time they do return, they are once again exposed to Jim's marketing impact, the presentation of your home’s character, and the information that he has had designed into the online marketing presentations.

Contact Jim today to discuss your real estate needs and objectives.

Make sure you select a real estate professional that will provide you the strongest marketing impact for your

home and not just use the "me too", industry standard slide show produced by a photographer.

He stands ready to bring his expertise and innovative spirit to your benefit and to

MAXIMIZE THE NET PROCEEDS you receive for the sale of your home.

CLICK THE SCREEN to see an example of the Online Marketing Presentation that Jim used for his sellers on Sawgrass in Heritage Estates (long-time clients).  This Custom Website permeated the Internet, and helped to FIND AND TO INSPIRE THE ULTIMATE BUYERS FROM CALIFORNIA.  

They even commented on the scope and effectiveness of the marketing presentation to Jim at the closing table!